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How can you support us?

On this site you can see the things the Nimba foundation does for the underprivileged, handicapped children of Guinea. You can also see that the Nimba foundation achieves results in the short as well as in the long term. To continue this work, Nimba needs all the support it can get.

Do you want to support Centre Nimba?

Become a Friend of Nimba!

When you are a Friend of Nimba:

  • You contribute to the future of handicapped children
  • You can visit Centre Nimba in Conakry
  • You will be informed about our activities.

How to become a Friend of Nimba?

Transfer your donation to



of Dutch bank:



Stichting (Foundation) Nimba at Loon op Zand




RSIN: 8033 62 201


We would appreciate a monthly contribution very much.

  • For periodic gifts see the Dutch page on this subject.

Your donation will be used for:

  • Education of even more handicapped children.
  • More types of vocational training.
  • A practical training room for the vocational training.
  • Transport to and from school.
  • A daily hot meal for the children.
  • Salary for the employees.
  • Purchase of school materials and furniture.
  • Operating costs.

Of course, you can support the Nimba foundation in other ways. Take a look at Funds and supporters. There you can see how creative people can be when it concerns a good cause.