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January 2009

The better world of Margriet

Marijke continues to maintain her weblog as one of the Women of the better world of Margriet. (in Dutch).

Visit to Guinea

In January I – Marijke Clabbers – went back to Guinea. This time with my husband Ben. It is wonderful to be there and to see everyone again and to hear how the staff, the pupils and all the other people we know there are doing. And I was very eager to see whether my namesake Marek and the namesake of my sister Nelly had grown a lot.

During our stay a lot was done and many things happened.

  • The coach donated by Peusen arrived fully packed.
  • We visited our rice paddy and looked at the harvest.
  • Meetings were held.
  • The studio was fully equipped
  • A football match was held on our behalf
  • And again a lot of plans were made.