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Subject: new money is urgently needed for Ibrahimes studies!!!

Amsterdam, March 15th 2009

Dear friends and sponsors of Ibrahime and dear hopefully future friends and sponsors of Ibrahime !

First and foremost: I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the money you sent for our African student-protégé Ibrahime Diallo in response to my desperate mail of July 2007. Brave Ibrahime: one of the main characters of the KRO-documentary DEAR EUROPE by Ingeborg Beugel and Cees Overgaauw (IDFA 2000).

(The film can still be seen on the Internet: film Dear Europe

These contributions made Ibrahimes dream - to study in Europe - possible. For Ibrahime, Ingeborg and me your generosity was incredible and impressive: so many friends and acquaintances - and strangers too, who had my mail forwarded to them from their friends - wired money.

Everyone gave what he or she could, contributions varyied from 12 to 1000 euros.

The result (almost 17.000 euros) was magnificent, because thanks to this money not only Ibrahime Diallo has been able to study in France - which he does extremely well for more than a year now -, but also his friend Mohamed Camara.

Ibrahime studies international law in Limoges, Mohamed civil law in Chambéry, east of Lyon.

My begging letter of July 2007 was highly urgent because everything was arranged for Ibrahime to study in France, but at the time there was no money.

This second letter is just as urgent because there is omnce again - no money at all (anymore). Ingeborg and myself have paid for the past year (15.000 euros) for both guys to keep studying, something we can not afford at all.

In short, at the moment - March 2009 - money is as urgently needed as in July 2007.

I owe you the story of what happened, which is long overdue: how both students are doing now, how in spite of the money and personal financial guarantees, the French authoritys refused to give them a visa, for reasons both absurd and outrageous. How Ingeborg & friends went to war and managed to mobilize both the Dutch and the French press to report extensively about the case of Ibrahime. How the French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner was persuaded to personally look into Ibrahimes case, all of which resulted amazingly in visas for both students!

About all this and much more - how they arrived in France, their welcome, first hard times, first exams and more you can read the whole saga on: (This website, Yaguine & Fodé Study Project, English flag for English.)

From now on you can follow their progress and adventures on this site.

Furthermore they will regularly post messages on: weblog Ibrahime

You can also get in touch with them personally: or via email.

So now Ibrahime Diallo and Mohamed Camara are both the ambassadors of the Guinean teenagers Yaguine and Fodé - who perished so tragically in the landing gear of a plane in 1999 trying to get to Europe to study - , because they are now both studying in France, thanks to the donated money to the Yaguine & Fodé Study project of the Nimba Foundation.

Ibrahime and Mohamed are both very aware of their unique chance and take their work very seriously, with the eyes of their relatives at home constantly upon them. In spite of their good spirits, as the representatives of Yaguine en Fodé, they carry a heavy burden.

Many of you have said I can count on you to support Ibrahime till the end of his studies. I hope very much everyone will, and that the ones who become aware of this project for the first time, will support these students as well.

So PLEASE send whatever you are able and willing to contribute to:

To support this special project:

Foundation (Stichting) Nimba (study project)

Hertog van Brabantweg 24

5175 EB Loon op Zand

The Netherlands


129 7240 09




NL52RABO 0129 7240 09

IBAN and BIC are needed to transfer money from outside the Netherlands.


Nimba Foundation runs Centre Nimba, an educational Center in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, where physically handicapped children are provided with a free (vocational) education. More about this project on this website. Thank heavens the Yaguine & Fodé Study Project found a home with Nimba Foundation, for Ingeborg and I really had no time to establish our own foundation.

  • Every cent you send goes straight to Ibrahime and Mohamed.
  • No overhead, nothing stays behind with the foundation, me or anyone else.
  • Sponsors can ask the Nimba foundation any time to look into the expenses for Ibrahime and Mohamed.
  • Amounts of donations and names of contributors remain absolutely confidential.

Please, help Ibrahime and Mohamed to finish their studies.

Again: thank you very much.

Ingeborg and I apologize for remaining silent for so long. We arent professional charity managers, this is the price we pay for a project of which all proceeds go to the beneficiaries and nothing to the organization.

Please, do follow Ibrahime and Mohamed - and how your money is spent - from now on via !

Ill try and contact you again by September 2009 about the next year.

What a good example we all provide: if more Europeans would support young and promising African students in this individualistic, private way, Africa would have a better chance to rise from its misery. This is exactly what Yaguine en Fodé meant in the beautiful letter Dear Europe which was found on their bodies in the plane.

Love and good wishes,

Flip Schrameijer