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Mohamed Lamine Camara
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A cry from my soul

My name is Mohamed Lamine Camara, born March 23rd 1978 in Conakry. I have a degree in private law from the Gamal Abdel Nasser University in Conakry. I am the first son in a family of sixteen children. My father is a government official, retired, and my mother a housewife. Since my childhood my parents have not been living together. My mother lives in a village because she can not afford a house in Conakry. In my family, we never have lunch and we often have to spend two or three days without a proper meal. Because of this situation I have had the wish to go to university and get my degree in order to be able to help my family and possibly take part in the development of my country to better the situation.


I have moved away from my parents, because even my father could not provide for all the children. My three older sisters have not been married yet, so we are all living with friends and neighbours. With courage and determination I have passed my exams to enter university. You have to pass certain entrance examinations to be able to enter university. Something which is not easy because you have to pay for the examination.

The Nimba Center has supported me. Mrs Marijke Clabbers gave me hope and courage to go on., because she wanted to help me immediately after she learned about my situation.

I wish to thank her again, she is my 'mother Theresa'. I have been three years without going to school and it is thanks to this lady that I got back on track. With her assistance I have been able to finish University. But the huge problems arrive only after university: in our country Guinee you can only get a descent job if your parents are in favor and well connected to the government, or you need a foreign diploma (European, American or Canadian)

It is because of this that we ask the help from people of good will, so we can go to France to continue our studies and come back to Guinee to take the challenge which is waiting for us. I would like to reunite all members of my family under the same roof and continue the charity work of Mrs Marijke

Please, help us to achieve this goal.

Mohamed Lamine Camara.